Types of Bar Stools

Leather Bar Stool

Bar stools are now common in kitchens, living rooms, mini-bars and coffee table corners and as an average consumer we are often overwhelmed by the variety of designs, material and colours. An immediate choice in terms of the material it is made from could be wood, metal, plastic or leather.

Leather as material for furniture has been famous for centuries and has a signature of prosperity, respect and longevity, bringing any furniture piece to higher level of appreciation. Imagine, softly arched cushioned leather seats being gracefully positioned over a lean stainless steel structure, bringing the association of the ultra-modern design of the bar stool with the more glamorous leather to make a real statement. The best brands which offer these types of leather bar stools are Ocean, Cantoni, Aalto and Bertoia.

Toto bar stools have great leather bar chairs available in their range which have a gentle leather finish with the price varying from $700 to $900 depending on the colour. They are a high bar stool with a metal frame for leg support and have stitched leather rotating seats. They come in a variety of colours starting from happy yellow to fluorescent blue.

For a more budget range of leather bar stools which set durability as a main priority in terms of product features, Verona bar stools are good choice. They are much more solid when compared with the Toto range and are likely to wear and tear much less than more fragile constructions. Expect one to cost from $50 to $100.

Retro Z stools are also in the cheaper range with prices varying and starting from $140. Retro Z leather bar stools have a chrome structure and round leather seating that comes in three different colours.

Another range that may be of interest in regards to leather bar stools is the Ocean range. They come with a differently shaped chrome structure and leather seating with the price starting from $250. Many of them are adjustable and have rotating seating. Another good choice for leather bar stool is the Venezia selection which comes in black leather and has touch of post-modernism with sharp edges and cubic forms.

If you are looking for something less expensive, but with similar features, it is possible to find a leather bar seat of similar quality with higher value for money at Dwell ($100).

Whichever leather bar stool brand you decide to go for, the choice of leather itself as a base material justifies itself. Leather allows designers to have more room to play with when designing a chair making it from old-fashioned solid stool to urban chick seating with metal framing. Needless to say that leather reduces wear and tear of the seating and allows you to enjoy the beautiful furniture for much longer.

Counter Stools

Whenever you go to the furniture shop and look around, counter stools are definitely on the list of being spotted immediately. Today counter stools can easily be mistaken for art piece, making us wonder what it is actually for! Counter stools became particularly popular after the redesigning of kitchens started to involve the extension of bar counters or installing a new one altogether. Counter stools are usually relatively shorter than the counter and can come in all type of variety of colours and shapes. Another question that can surprise us when we analyse the sometimes strange looking pieces of décor is the price, which can go as high as $1,500 – 3,000. This is particularly surprising considering the actual history of bar stools which dates back to the seventeenth century where they were created for the lower class population, who, it was believed, were not entitled to a chair with a back rest. Partially the concept has remained and transferred to nowadays to some counter stools that are available without backs, although now we can have them with back rests and in a variety of designs. The concept is to make seating laid back and easygoing for a casual snack or quick breakfast. However, the designers contributed significant deal of their time to make counter stool also comfortable for users, which travelled a long way from original purpose of stool back in time.

The innovative concept of the stool was borne by the desire for versatility and usefulness making the counter stool anything you want it to be – of any preferred shape, look, colour or texture. This is why stools are absolutely fantastic! Counter stool can be very adaptable – swivelling, installed gas lift for adjusting the height, with a detachable back to transform it from a backless to comfortable seat with a back and many more. The development of condo apartments and their growing popularity has stimulated the love for counter stools which also save space in the kitchen being placed along the counter rather than having a bulky table.

In the search for making products more affordable, designers have also come up with cheaper versions to promote the love for stools. Brands like HomeSense, Ikea, West Elm and others focus on affordable counter stool of beautiful shapes and frames. If you have an innovative mind and a love for unique décor, it is time to join the fan club of stools and get one of your own.

Bar Chair

You probably have noticed a long while back that the humble bar chair has transformed into something more trendy and popular called bar stools. Designers have chosen bar chairs as a new product for their excitement and devotion, creating more new shapes and textures every day. Over the centuries chairs were the ultimate piece for designers and architects who wanted to leave their sign and memory by designing it. Nothing has changed much since then and every big design company has a trademark bar stool as a distinctive signature for the designer label. Many of us may question why everyone has became so obsessed with bar stools. Bar stools have long ago left bars and lounge rooms as such and moved to regular family rooms, snooker rooms, TV lounges and kitchens.

The sport fans discovered the usefulness of bar chairs a long time ago and they are ideal for watching games including cards and billiards. Not only do they allow spectators to sit down in one room without taking up much space, but they also make the space dynamic allowing people to move around, place bets and still be part of the fan team. For those who are concerned about style, bar stool also allows adding chic and a touch of fashion to a room. Currently, the most popular bar stools have seats made from leather and micro fibre materials which make a perfect fit for the bar stool. A wooden bar chair is less popular mainly because metal and leather are much easier to complement the common designs of contemporary kitchens that are full of metallic elements, stainless steel appliances and white and black colour combinations.

Measurements are the key – choosing the right height for the counter and the quantity of stools dependent on the length of the counter. Bar chairs come in pre-set heights such as ‘counter size’ that are up to twenty six inches or bar size that is up to thirty two inches and fit a bar of roughly the height of forty two inches. Even though most of the sizes are standard, it is advisable to make your own measurements upon purchase and to have a more or less precise estimation how the stool will fit with your counter or bar. It is also possible to order tailor made stools with specified heights for any counter of non-standard height. If you are still confused, do not worry. Furniture shops have qualified sales people who are experienced with a variety of bar stool types and features. They can easily assist you with any specific requirements when choosing your bar stool and even come to your household to take measurements if you are buying designer bar stools.

Breakfast Bar Stool

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a contemporary kitchen without an ultra-modern bar stool that perfectly complements the design of the kitchen and kitchen counter. Many homeowners decide to go for an installation of an entire breakfast bar together with breakfast bar stools or adding some décor verve to an already existing kitchen counter. Since there is a significant amount of effort involved in reviving the kitchen as a whole, choosing proper complementing breakfast bar stools is imperative.

Defining how the entire design of the kitchen should look like is the first task. Some choose a retro style kitchen with retro appliances and stools, where others prefer something more traditional such as a wooden kitchen with solid wooden breakfast bar stools. Choosing the colour and dominating material of the kitchen and the furniture is also important whether it is fabric, stainless steel, leather or wood. If your kitchen is often full of visitors, one may consider choosing stools with proper backs to make it more comfortable for someone to share breakfast or quick a snack together. At the same time, if you are type of a person who is constantly in a rush, then perhaps a backless bar stool may be a better option.

Some of the ideas for your breakfast bar stools may be leather seat with sleek metal seating with a gas lift in order to make it more adjustable for everyone in the house to have breakfast together. Other option is a see-through breakfast stool with different fun colours which can be shaped in form of vases or pots and could ideally suit your funky design preferences. Though these stools are shorter than usual breakfast bar stools and would fit more with a coffee table to have morning breakfast. Breakfast bar stools allow for imagination of the designer and homeowner to fly in any direction! As long as you are determined to make your kitchen special and comfortable, there are always options to choose from that will make you and your guests thrilled.

Swivel Bar Stool

When someone talks about Art Deco and contemporary furniture, bar stools are definitely at the top of the list. Not only because they can be funky, sleek, contemporary or old fashioned, leather or wood, with thick or thin chrome and stainless steel frames, but also because they can have an element of fun such swivelling seats and rotating frames. An excellent example of this is the Holland swivel bar stool that aims to give its users the utmost comfort with a variety of heights and materials.

Moroni offers a swivelling base in its bar stool design which is futuristic and it that makes the customer feel as if they entered a space ship. Despite the futuristic look, customers who have already used these stools claim that they are extremely comfortable and not only offer an amazing look, but are also offer comfort.

Those who have visited the Ice Bars around the world are often thrilled by the Fritz Hansen designed swivel bar stools that are constructed from an aluminium frame with the choice of a matte or shiny base. It is possibly to choose from a shiny chrome frame to more subtle orange or raspberry colour.

When choosing whether to buy a swivel bar stool versus a fixed type, one may consider the level of comfort such as whether it should also have arms and a back rest as swivelling on an armless and backless bar stool may require certain level of skill. One main benefit of swivel bar stool is that you do not need to move the seat as much when you are getting up which can help reduce scratches and marks on your floor caused as a result of sliding the seat back. Make sure that there is enough room between the counter and the stool so when it rotates it will not hit the counter! At the end of the day, it all comes down to comfort in addition to looks. Try to swivel on the stool before you buy it and also try it in front of the counter. Sometimes a funky design comes at the expense of your comfort.

Additional features such as swivelling will add extra to the total price, so expect them to be slightly more expensive than the fixed ones. The swivel feature in a bar stool can be very handy in the kitchen where you can easily rotate to grab something instead of having to move the chair and stand and kids are likely to treat swivel bar stool with lots of excitement as this is ‘fun’ furniture for them especially if stools come in bright contemporary colours.

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